i40 e-Learning

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Desarrollador CDSM Interactive Solutions Ltd

Learn about our exciting new brand ambassador using this mLearning app for your iPhone or iPad.

This mLearning contains modules on:

*The Hyundai i40
*The Market
*Key Features
*Advanced Technology
*Selling the i40
*Assessment (online)

1. Access to the application content requires an approved registration. Registration is free, but must be approved. Register first (and have your registration approved) then use your HMEeLearning username (email address) and password to log in to this app.

2. After unlocking the content, you will not need to be online to access the content of the app – except for assessment module, which will be accessed on HMEeLearning.com, so that your score can be recorded.

3. For the best user experience, we recommend upgrading to iOS 5.0 or later.